Aluminium Pressure Die Castings

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Aluminium Diecastings

The total production capacity of the Group is 7500 tonnes of Aluminium Diecastings per annum. read more
Aluminium Pressure Die Castings
Our Group is in the business of manufacturing "Aluminium High Pressure Diecastings" for the last 39 years.
Sipra Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Veena Diecasters & Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

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Die Making, Diecasting & Machining
The need of our customer for ready to use quality components within the cost and time targets is acting as a driving force for us.
  • Die Making
  • Diecasting
  • Machining
  • Quality
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Customer & Services
Our Customer category includes the following :
  • Automotive (Aluminium Castings)
  • Industrial (Aluminium Castings)
  • Office Equipment & House Hold
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The company is interested in seeking Strategic Alliances / Joint Ventures to be part of a Global Supply Chain Network
Our Products

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